Bianca Toader

Partner, Sales Representative

With a rich tapestry of global experiences and a dynamic resume, Bianca Toader brings a uniquely international perspective to the real estate industry. Immigrating to Canada at the tender age of seven, Bianca quickly learned the profound significance of "home." Navigating new schools, friendships, and a new language, she faced and overcame adversity early in life, which has fueled her tenacity and empathy. Fluent in Spanish and Romanian, Bianca's multicultural background and travels to over 20 countries equip her with a broad worldview that enriches her real estate practice. She offers her clients a global perspective on real estate investments, adding a distinct edge to their portfolios. Bianca's experience extends beyond traditional real estate. As a successful Airbnb owner with multiple properties, she has honed her skills in the investment and short term rental market. She brings a wealth of knowledge in vacation and short-term rentals, offering expert guidance to clients aiming to achieve financial freedom through such investments. Bianca's motivation stems from personal experience. The struggles her mother faced as an immigrant inspire her relentless work ethic and dedication to empowering her clients. She is driven to instill the values of home ownership and the financial stability it can provide. In her journey to offer elite client service, Bianca leverages her diverse background, extensive travel, and personal experiences. Whether you're seeking to buy your first home, expand your real estate portfolio, or venture into the world of short-term rentals, Bianca Toader is the dedicated and worldly professional you want on your side.